Monday, September 13, 2004

BombBlast iN jakaRta

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I was there sitting beside sherIZAN watching TV and let me tell you guys it was scary... iZan immediately turn to me and ask WHAT WAS THAT!!!!... I will never forget the fright in her face... I didn't know what it was. I have never heard anything like that, but I put on my calm face and as calmly as I could said That's a bomb... iZan took the shot on the left from rolaaNd's balcony, hardly about 1 minute after the blast that shook everything in Jakarta morning that...

We had decided to go in a little late to work that day because we missed 'the Practice' the night before and was watching the rerun of 'Ed's' waiting for 'the Practice'... when all of a sudden kaBoooooM....!!!!!! It was the loudest sound I ever heard, which was followed by some kind of shock wave that I swear I could see going through the air and hit us both in the chest.... It looked like some kind of visual effect used in a movie or music video.

It's funny to think that 'the Practice' sort of saved us... cause we would have been at the junction where the blast happened at around that time. Basically beside the hospital where all the injured were rushed to only about 100 meters or so from the blast.

Yes we were shaken but life goes on doesn't it... Life goes on... On And On....!!! its funny.... We, well at least I would normally relate or have any relation to such events through the tele... but being here is sheds a whole new light... Its 'funny'. Yup.., FUNNY would be the best way I can describe it. With all the trauma and human loss caused its just another day here. We went out that evening to go get some food and saw the destruction. It was mad... but things still went on as normal. The governments of the world are still and will still be doing government things... America or Australia or whichever country these people are pissed at, will still be as they are. What has changed? What will change...? Makes one ask why...??? for what apparent reason...??? and to who's benefit....??? the only people that suffered are the ones who got hurt and worse still the families of those died... the guard and a couple of locals. Really a pointless exercise...

They can bomb every leader in the world but do they really think anything would change... Oppression is an age-old problem, its nothing new... so whom are they fighting. The fundamental problem here is not the individual... This has to be realized for any change to come about and not through the selfish sense of I... until the ideas of you and I is truly and honestly replaced with a honest understanding of us... this will never stop. It's sad!



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