Friday, August 19, 2005

cLock oN the waLL

cLock oN é waLL
cLock oN é waLL
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Opportunities lie in every moment. The key lay in your leverage but more importantly is, knowing how & when to use it. You are your standards. You are the results of your choices; what you see is always what you get.

Clarity and Focus drives you to a Vision,
A vision propelled purely by passion...
Clarity and Focus will drive your Vision,
Only when you began to listen...

Invest your time, spend less of it,
cause you simply can't afford it.
Once spent, this time have you,
gone will it be, somewhere in history.
The most precious gift given to thee,
Is time itself, as pure can be.
Time to sow, to grow to reap; Or
Time to merely chill and sleep...

An equal amount for you, for me,
To be whatever we want to be.
Equal amount to sow and grow, Or;
Equal amount to bitch and groan.
Which ever you choose its up to you,
The choices you make results in you.

tik~toc, tik~toc, tik~toc toc...
time goes by with every tik and toc
60 times 60 times 12 times 2,
is all the tic~tocs given to you;
60 times 60 times 12 times 2,
to ask, to see, to learn, to be.



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