Tuesday, March 27, 2007


'LiFE' has been presenting a different side of herself to me lately. Metamorphosing into a new obscured, unobserved or better said unthought denotation of herself. Funny thing is; 'LiFE', as always is as 'LiFE' is... Unmitigated, undoubted, unbounded, unreserved; a total and absolute finality, consummated by what seems to be 'destiny'.

Destiny? Hogwash..!!
I am my actions.
My actions result in me.
My actions a resolution of my choices.
Choices of my choosing.
Chosen to satisfy my desire;

And Desire..?
...Desire is spontaneous; never planed.

Destiny..?? Hogwash!..?

'LiFE', as always is as 'LiFE' is... unarguable, conclusive, definite and beyond doubt irrefutably intensifies Perpetuity. Forever constant but illusive in its definition. Abundance in its interpretation.

Its like a Monkey and a Rock..!??; Or 42..!

Deductions to 'LiFE' that probably mean everything yet say nothing. Interpretations derived in the presence of circumstances, which dictates the march of our percipience on 'LiFE'. A percipience that casts 'LiFE' as the ever changing, constantly evolving dramatis personae in this play we define as consciousness; yet conceptually 'LiFE' is Constant. Eternal. Its Boundless, Enduring, Infinite, Permanent... 'LiFE' is Uninterrupted, Continual and Never Changing.

Destiny..?? Hogwash! you say..!? Funny isn't it.



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