Friday, December 03, 2004

Pissed off...?

Well are you…? Pissed off… How about irritated or frustrated, wound up or riled up? Are these words familiar to you? Does someone or something irked or annoyed in anyway? Life can’t be all that smooth sailing, now can it…? Do you feel that you are put in a position of discontent that forces you to experience anger? I am sure you do… I do.

Funny isn’t it… the nature of things… Sharing, caring, learning, living, loving, all that ‘No Man Is An Island’ drama, fundamentals of social living, society and coexisting basically the bedrock of civilization all things that make us claim to be masters of our world, also is the seed of so much discontent which generates most of the anger felt today. Things done wrong to you… and what are you going to do about it?

You are angry. What are you going to do?

Express it…?
Vent it out…?
Throw a tantrum?
Let it all out… Show it in your face…?
Stomp around and let your feelings be known?

Does it help? Can it honestly help...?

I mean does it really help? How can all that venting and tantrums and stomping and screaming really help resolve anger when these actions themselves are born from anger. How can anger resolve anger? Why are we thought this? Why are we thought to cry, to resolve grief? Isn't one man's meat another man's poison? What simple mind came up with such remedies to frustration? Worse still what silly fools we are to be lead by these simple minds...

I do not claim to know these answers nor do I have any earth shattering theories to resolve the nagging everyday frustrations we all face but what I do know is, anger on anger can only lead to rage. I think its time we all stop trying to resolve frustrations and focus on generating contentment.



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