Thursday, September 16, 2004


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Heaven... Hell... Nirvana... The continued cycle of suffering… what does this all mean...? Why do we belief…? And what does it mean when we say we belief in something? What path of reasoning have we taken that brings’ us to the point of believing in an idea or ideology or in what ever it maybe? Believing in an idea is dangerous! Because belief is absolute, and absolute, is unconditional, it is supreme, its ultimate and therefore fixed, which by definition will never be acceptable to change… Therefore in this line of reasoning, belief is lethal, selfish and more importantly destructive.

Religion revolves around belief on the total conviction of an ideology, which lies solely on faith… Therefore is belief in an idea or ideology really a good thing? Or wouldn't a complete understanding of that idea be better...?

With a belief it is unconditional, total and absolute… And absolute creates unshakeable, uncompromising, situations where one believes that their believe is the absolute truth and therefore justify fighting for those beliefs… Hence wars are fought... WHY…?

Why do we abandon our greatest asset when it comes to a belief and especially so when it comes to religion…? What happen to reasoning? Why does reason fly out the door the moment faith or belief is challenged? What is it....? Are you afraid!? Or is it your pride...? What!!! What the fuck is it…? Why can’t reason be utilized when faith or belief is being debated…? Why do we choose to drop our greatest asset, which is the power of reasoning when it comes to our belief…?

But if total and absolute belief on a particular ideology is instead replaced with a complete understanding of it, would the possibility of being more open or expectable to an opposing point view on the matter be more likely. Granting us the opportunity to challenge our understanding on that matter further, making it easier to digest and analyze a different point of view. Therefore broadening our perspective on the subject at hand, directly increasing our wisdom as a whole. And with wisdom do you think we would have the heart kill each other... Imagine that true compassion for another and all because we reasoned out our differences to find a middle ground and not bash the living hell out of humanity based on blind faith...

A belief in an ideology is blind and is based on faith..!

Having a complete understanding about that ideology
on the other hand can only be derived from deductive

Now, which would you think is more productive…?



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