Sunday, October 23, 2005

SomethingS are just a big NO! NO!

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tHis is Surpanakha the bad guy from the mythical Hindu tale, Ramayana. The bad guy who steaLs Rama's wife Sita, which forces Rama whom otherwise is a pretty chilled dude go get her back, now this off cause inadvertently creates a shit-stir in an otherwise semi pleasant place to be; citer chatters amongst the trees on impending war to come builds as he marches towards our baddie's lair, and somehow manages to not only drag in some non-related third party bystanders into his cause but also rally them up, roaring prepped to die for a battle not theirs. Volleying up support from these monkeys was made possible through their white monkey leader (Hanuman), in exchange for what exactly I would never know.. but what we gave Rama was the means to wage war on a small nation (what is today's Sri Lanka), where our baddie evil wife-stealing baddie was hiding out. I guess its somewhat reflects todays battlefield tactics, bLast tHe shit out of everything until the head honcho is flushed out... civilians... what civilians. Guilty by matter of demographic.

Nevertheless back to our villain Surpanakha in question, what a blooming idiot if you ask me. WHAT A BLOOMING IDIOT cause not only did he receive an ass whooping for:~
1. his slightly warped 'Casanovic' approach of stealing a woman's heart; and..
2.being the bright-spark that sparked up this whole mess in the first place..
He got a severe ass whooping for on top of all for atempting to try-out this thing call love with a woman who is someone else's wife. Another man's wife... Let this be a lesson to all, a severe ass whooping should not surprise any fool who's foolish enough to attempt such a stunt.

Now dear ol'Surpanakha just doesn't pick any ol' ordinary jo, to steal from/fuck with.. he picks mythical prince... A most likely very handsome, not to mentioned popular, rich, has got everything he wants and ever needs kinda prince. Who's wife he did not just gently persuaded/woo willingly away but instead dramatically kidnapped/snatched away, ripped from, dragged away kicking and screaming from what was until that very moment her very own paradise. Ripped from paradise not by a Casanova, but rather a would be Casanova who non the less, more often than not would be an ugly, and I mean uugLy, fat, probably smelly, multi-headed (depending on region), did I mention ugly would be suitor.. Now honestly there can only be one logical possible outcome to this scenario, wouldn't there? I am sure budding love was the motive of our would be suitor but instead what would probably manifest from the kidnapped love interest would be, a more logical, extreme unadulterated sense of hate our unconventional suitor, which would most likely be hailed in with a blood curdling scream of horror belched out at the mere sight at of our would be Casanova. A sound so unbearable that it crawls up ones skin and the only for seeable relief would to bash ones own head in against a brick wall in hope to drown out the spin tingling screeching... and than while still throbbing unbearably from the pain of ramming ones own head into a brick wall, would one be bothered by the thoughts of what was it that drove such a predicament forth; and finally the icing on the cake, would be the self-torment felt as a result of being completely aware that the unbearably agony felt at that moment was self inflicted, brought on by the thought that it would be best to steal another man's life...

Somethings are a big NO! NO! this just happen to be one of them.



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