Thursday, April 17, 2008

Are We Our True Masters..?

How can we say we’ve lived fully everyday; by simply experiencing the same emotions that we are addicted to everyday. A master is ever quite so different; it is one that sees the day as an opportunity in time to create avenues of reality and emotions that are unborn, that the day becomes infinite tomorrows...



Monday, October 29, 2007

our A N G E L

There is not a single person whom I know that has not been effected by our living angle. A year filled with life has almost gone by, and there has not been a day gone by that beautiful name XARA not ring in my head. More often that not asking why..?

Don't think I'll ever know... And though I know that this 'WHY?' is not for me to know, I know I can never stop asking why... Which is why you will always be with me.



Tuesday, March 27, 2007


'LiFE' has been presenting a different side of herself to me lately. Metamorphosing into a new obscured, unobserved or better said unthought denotation of herself. Funny thing is; 'LiFE', as always is as 'LiFE' is... Unmitigated, undoubted, unbounded, unreserved; a total and absolute finality, consummated by what seems to be 'destiny'.

Destiny? Hogwash..!!
I am my actions.
My actions result in me.
My actions a resolution of my choices.
Choices of my choosing.
Chosen to satisfy my desire;

And Desire..?
...Desire is spontaneous; never planed.

Destiny..?? Hogwash!..?

'LiFE', as always is as 'LiFE' is... unarguable, conclusive, definite and beyond doubt irrefutably intensifies Perpetuity. Forever constant but illusive in its definition. Abundance in its interpretation.

Its like a Monkey and a Rock..!??; Or 42..!

Deductions to 'LiFE' that probably mean everything yet say nothing. Interpretations derived in the presence of circumstances, which dictates the march of our percipience on 'LiFE'. A percipience that casts 'LiFE' as the ever changing, constantly evolving dramatis personae in this play we define as consciousness; yet conceptually 'LiFE' is Constant. Eternal. Its Boundless, Enduring, Infinite, Permanent... 'LiFE' is Uninterrupted, Continual and Never Changing.

Destiny..?? Hogwash! you say..!? Funny isn't it.



Sunday, August 06, 2006

tHe waitiN roOm

What I have noticed, especially within this past few years is the phenomenal growth of interest in photography, be it within my immediate family or within the community I live in. Besides the fact that more of us are being exposed to more of everything everyday, the increased accessibility to the technological 'know-how' of any given subject too has made it easier for anyone to explore any field of interest. With photography such instance is reflected in the ever progressing digital imaging technology existing today. Making this 'once niche art form' not only excess-able but also less daunting to all. As a result there are now a shit load more of interesting photographers everywhere. But sadly to many of us it ends there... 'interesting photographer'.

Is this it? Are there any avenues available that would allow one to take this newfound title and develop it further...? It the basic 'which came first story', the chicken or the egg? A never-ending catch 22 that comes in an assortment of packages I find especially here in this region.

Given that most of us in this group live or work in Malaysia/region, there seem to be very few if not no means/ways for an amateur photographer/artist as many of us are... to further explore/develop this new found art form of ours.

I believe that this dilemma is no fault of no one, but instead a circumstantial glitch caused by the rapid globalization of our world today. Causing many a young nations to precariously balance globalization on borrowed modernization without the time to even contemplate a renaissance of any what sort.

I, as I am sure many of you who grew up here, in this time and age, never really contemplated 'the arts' as a viable field of study... To many it was just never an option. I believe due to the priorities of the time, generally 'the arts' was never set high on the list as a Viable Social Economical Growth Variable by generation that came before us, meaning to say our elders, parents teachers and so on. As a result most of us wanted to be doctors, lawyers or engineers... Which I must say again is no fault of no one, but instead merely a circumstantial glitch.

If you have managed to read this to this point enduring the mesh of my verbal diarrhea, probably having to re-read sentences twice if not trice looking for a point… Well this is it… there is no point. It just verbal diarrhea.



Saturday, May 13, 2006

Impossible is an excuess

'Impossible' is so easily made possible, merely by removing the 'im'; I strongly believe that such words used to describe ones faith or situation is nothing but the unwillingness to try. To take chances on the unknown for fear the risk are to great.

The greatest risk anyone takes is not to try at all. Keep on keeping on, I definitely try.



Monday, April 17, 2006

Thats, Reverend Fernandez...

Today i was watching a show on Discovery "Monsters Garage" and discovered that one could be legally ordained as a minister online. I just had to try it out..

Apparently now I am legally a Misister able to perform weddings and such in the US.. Can you believe it. Check it out or even get ordained if you like at Universal Life Church

need a minister... anybody?, originally uploaded by spuNkymoNky.



Monday, March 27, 2006

Nothing More but Mere Ants....

Was looking through some bLogs today and I stumbled across this site my brother in-laws bLog that plots the places you've been to on a map. Kinda like a 'god-eye view' of the world. I've always believed I have had my fair share of travel. Blessing me with the fortunate opportunity to experience other culture

But what a big big world this is. A world I thought I knew but in reality I know so little about.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands



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